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Mid-Peninsula Athletics
At Mid-Peninsula, we view interscholastic athletics as an integral part of providing a liberal arts education. We offer a well-rounded and competitive sports program for boys and girls. Mid-Peninsula has won two championships in boys' soccer, baseball and basketball. Our boys' basketball program has become one of the best in our league. Although our girls' program has yet to win a championship, the volleyball, basketball and softball teams have improved dramatically. Girls' sports are definitely on the upswing at Mid-Peninsula.
Mid-Peninsula student athletes are well represented on all league teams. We've had league MVP's in basketball, baseball, and soccer. We are currently the only school in our league to offer a cross-country team. To allow us to compete with other schools, Mid-Peninsula has joined the Private School Athletic League (PSAL) as a supplemental member for the past six years. We have done the same to compete in track and field events for the past four years.
Mid-Peninsula High School sports are played at the varsity level, meaning all students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate. We have a "no-cut" policy, but playing time is determined by practice and game attendance, attitude and performance. We view sports as an opportunity for students to learn skills, form meaningful relationships, better understand the concepts of team play and sportsmanship and, hopefully, relate to sports and recreation as a means to a healthier lifestyle.


Mid-Peninsula is a Division V school and has been a member of the Central Coast Section for 21 years. We have also participated in the Christian Private Schools Athletic League for the past 19 years. After some reorganization of the league, Mid-Peninsula High School is now a member of the Private School Athletic League (PSAL).
Team Sports
Mid-Peninsula High School currently offers the following sports programs:
Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Boys Baseball
Co-ed Soccer Girls Basketball Girls Softball
Cross Country Tennis

Boys Basketball
Girls Softball
Cross Country
Boys Baseball