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Short Film Contest

We held a Short Film contest last year, asking the students to creatively tell the story of their experience at Mid-Pen. We offered a $500 prize to the film that garnered the highest scores from our panel of judges, and awarded three special awards that speak to the strengths of each film.

We invite you to watch all three of these films to appreciate how well the students captured the mission and spirit of our school.

Wills Harris won the Grand Prize and Most Creative Award with his short film, A Day at Mid-Pen. Dave Wilson and his team claimed the Most Informational Award with their documentary style film, Where Individuality Fits In. And Malcolm Willig and his team took home the Community Spirit Award for their entry, What is Mid-Pen?, which embodies the community spirit and collaborative ethos of our school.

Wills Harris: A Day at Mid-Pen


Dave Wilson and Team: Where Individuality Fits In
Malcolm Willig and Team: What is Mid-Pen?