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Parents Association

The Mid-Peninsula High School Parents Association was established in 2002 to further our school's vision through a combination of
volunteer work, fundraising, education and special events. The purpose of the Parents Association is to build a strong school community by providing support for the parents, students, faculty and staff.

Mid-Peninsula's Parents Association is active in organizing our Annual Fundraising event, our New Student/Parent Orientation event, our
Staff Appreciation Week, monthly "walk and talks," evening gatherings for parents to get to know each other in a familiar and friendly setting and Mid-Peninsula's annual Family BBQ. Through interacting in these events, our Parents Association hopes that everyone can become involved by finding a way to participate and feel included in the Mid-Peninsula Community.

Every parent at Mid-Peninsula is a member of the Parents Association, and there are no membership dues.

Our Parents Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Mid-Peninsula Parents Association is to build a strong bond that supports and involves parents, students, faculty and staff in the Mid-Peninsula High School community. To read the full Mid-Peninsula Parents Association Mission statement, please click here.

Roadmap for Parents

Mid-Peninsula's Roadmap for Parents provides helpful information for parents in our community. It provides guidance for parents, so they know who to call when they have questions or would like to request additional information. Please click here to access this helpful guide.

Glossary for Parents
Please click here for glossary of terms specific to the Mid-Peninsula High School community and culture.

The Parent Association invites current parents/guardians to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities Available:

E-Script Coordinator
Staff Holiday Surprise!
Athletic Dept. Assistance
Admissions Phone Calls
Annual Giving Phon-a-Thon
DragonFest Dinner/Auction Committee
Community Service Day Drivers Admissions
Open House
Art Exhibit and Music Reception Special Talent
Thank you for your support!