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A Day in the Life

Hayley, Sophomore

I'm one of the only sophomores in my Chem class. This school doesn't really divide things by grade, it's based more on skill level. They made an exception for me being in this class since I'm not in a higher math right now. Larry's Chemistry class is hard, but he explains things so well. Today there was a short video lab explaining something about electron circles or something. Anyway, Larry was just introducing a new chapter, so he lectured for a bit after the video and reviewed the periodic table. Then we all worked together on a few problems in the book so we could set up our lab. Labs in Chemistry are great because usually we're making something react and it's sorta dramatic! At the end of class we handed Larry our lab team's worksheet, and then the bell rang.

Chem 1



9:30-10:20  GEOMETRY
10:25-11:15  WORLD STUDIES
11:15-11:30  BREAK
11:30-11:50  CORE
11:55-12:45  ENGLISH II
12:45-1:25  LUNCH
1:25-2:15  CHEMISTRY
2:20-3:10  ASL I
3:10 End of the day