Mid-Peninsula High School Capital Campaign
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Update you on Mid-Peninsula High School’s Capital Campaign to raise money to build a Performing Arts Center (PAC). 

Two years ago, Mid-Pen set out to raise two million dollars with two goals: to renovate the front of the building and to build a Performing Arts Center. As of today, we have raised just over one million dollars. The project to renovate the front of school was completed in the summer of 2012. We created a pathway from the street to the front door, completely changed the landscape, and added benches to provide a place for students and staff to gather and continue to build our community. 

We also raised enough money to design the PAC and pay for architectural designs, permits, and fees associated with the plans. However, in the past two years, the market conditions have changed, and construction prices have significantly increased. In that time, our project cost has increased one million dollars. In response to this, the Board of Trustees had to recalibrate to decide how to move forward. At this point, within the small community of Mid-Pen, the Board does not see how we can currently raise another two million dollars. 

We have decided to put our dream of the Performing Arts Center on hold. As you can imagine, we are both thrilled with the progress that was made and, of course, disappointed that we had to make this decision. However, with that being said, the Head of School, the Administration, and Trustees are not completely abandoning our goals. We are determining the feasibility of putting in a portable building to address the needs of 1) the drama program having a dedicated space and 2) freeing up a classroom for academic classes. As soon as we have more information, we will inform the community. 
Please know that the funds raised so far have been extremely beneficial to the school and have been restricted to this campaign. Again, thank you for your commitment and dedication to Mid-Peninsula High School. We are grateful for your support and continue to look forward to the future growth of our school.


Douglas C. Thompson                 Cammie Vail                    Charlie Golden
Head of School                       Board Chair Capital          Campaign Co-chair
We would also like to thank Brian Rodriguez and Jim Stoecker for creating an attractive, inviting entrance and plaza.